Run Compression Socks

CEP Run Compression Socks showing black and rose/dark red colours


  • Precisely defined compression for optimum recovery and performance
  • Enhanced heat and moisture management
  • Ankle and arch stabilization
  • Available in seven colours: black (pictured above), white, petrol/dark red, pink/black, ocean/petro, blue (pictured below)
  • Matching Compression Calf Sleeves

Colours for Run Compression Socks

Run Compression Socks showing white, petrol/dark red, pin/black, ocean/petrol, and blue

Ultralight Compression Socks

CEP Run Ultralight  Compression Socks in 4 colours


  • Ultra thin, light weight and breathable fabric with integrated carbon fibers for added durability
  • Very comfortable in close-fitting running shoes thanks to a stay-put fit and minimally padded foot selection
  • Available in 20-30mm/hg
  • Available in five colour combinations: black/grey, white, grey/lime, blue/light blue, coral/cream.

Hiking Light Merino Compression Socks

CEP Hiking Light Merino Compression Socks in 3 colours


  • The perfect balance of merino and high-tech compression
  • Merino wool combined with premium high-tech fibres for perfect heat and moisture management
  • Precise fit for less chafing and excellent support
  • Excellent joint stabilization
  • Available in five  colour combinations: stonegrey/grey, marine blue/grey, berry/grey, olive/grey, sand/grey.

Hiking Merino Compression Socks

CEP Hiking Merino Compression Socks in 4 colours


  • High-tech blend of fibres with merino wool for ultimate comfort
  • Close-fitting padded foot for wrinkle-free fit in shoes
  • Excellent joint stabilization
  • Available in four colour combinations: stonegrey/grey, green/light grey, peacoat/grey and sand/grey

Infrared Compression Socks for Men and Women

CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks - showing 4 colours: navy, grey, black and dark orange


  • Infared and compression technology work perfectly together to improve micro vascular circulation and oxygen supply to muscles
  • Available in 20-30mm/hg
  • Colours: Blue, Forest Night, Black/Red, and Black/black (not pictured).