In 2018, uniform for Air Canada employees will be changing and so will the colour of your compression garments. If you have a prescription and are looking for full compression of 20-30mm/hg or 30-40mm/hg, below are the shades of beige available from Natural Steps.

Mediven has three beautiful shades to choose from in their Elegance line. You can choose from Cashmere, Beige, or Caramel depending on your skin tone.
Sigvaris offers various styles for you to choose from: 

  • Eversheer is available in Honey and Golden, CafĂ© Mocha and Toasted Almond. This product is very stylish and fashionable. 
  • Soft Opaque is available in Chai, Pecan and Caramel. These are beautiful tights with lasting microfibre and softness.
  • Select Comfort which comes in Honey, Golden, and Light Beige is very durable and stretchable and comes in options of petite and plus sizes.
  • Midsheer which is available in Honey.

Let’s not forget our Black Compression Socks for men and women. These are available in lots of different styles from both Mediven and Sigvaris.

We do of course provide compression panty hose, stockings and socks in many other colours for your day-to-day activities when you're not flying with Air Canada.

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Sigvaris cofort thigh high open toe