Read what some of our clients have to say.

“Working in the operating room on a 12 hour shift these compression thigh stockings saved my legs” — Debbie, Hamilton

“I love the new funky colours! They add pizzazz to my wardrobe.” — Donna, Oakville

“These sheer pantyhose are so comfortable I don’t even realize I’m wearing compression.” — Cindy, Collingwood

“As a truck driver I am able to sit for a long period of time without swelling in my lower legs and feet when I wear the compression socks” — Harjinder, Brampton

“I wear the sports socks for running to give me endurance during and to prevent muscle cramping after my run. They are awesome.” — Brian,Mississauga

“When I wear the stockings during my work, they improve the way my legs feel. They are very comfortable and I can choose from different styles to accent my wardrobe.” — Celine, Toronto, Ont

“I am a flight attendant and I find that the compression stockings reduce the swelling and aching that I would usually feel in my legs & feet as a result from flying.” — Pamela, Burlington, Ont.

“During my pregnancy I certainly found that the compression stockings helped my legs. They reduced the swelling and alleviated the pain while wearing them.” — Gail, Wasaga Beach, Ont.

“I have been wearing compression socks for years and the support they give my legs help my circulation and add comfort throughout the day.” — Richard, Collingwood, Ont.