Compression socks are beneficial in preventing blood from pooling to the ankles. Although they do not travel all the way up the leg, they are still effective in providing relief from swelling and discomfort caused by excess activity or venous issues, such as varicose veins.

A regular compression garment has the heaviest amount of compression at the ankle with compression decreasing as it goes up the leg. Without a doubt, the further a garment travels up the leg, the more beneficial it is. Nevertheless, the most compression in any product is between the ankle and the knee, therefore, compression socks provide maximum support where needed.

Sports socks are helpful in protecting the Achilles tendon by reducing vibration to vulnerable ligaments. Most sport socks have a foot bed cushion and toe protection fabric to protect against blisters. Excellent for running, crossfit and gym workouts, team sports and everyday activities.


  • Casual looking
  • No elastic band at the top
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Machine wash and dry

Available in:

  • many different colours
  • unisex

Natural Steps offers the following brands of compression socks for men and women.

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